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Custom Themes

While there are a ton of free (and even paid) WordPress Themes available to help you make an amazing site, sometimes those are just not enough. Sometimes, a website requires some custom functionality or feature that is beyond the scope of a regular WordPress Theme or plugin. We at gardezisofttech.com can help you build a custom WordPress Theme curated according to your specifications.

Benefits of a Custom WordPress Theme

A Theme designed perfectly as per your specifications for your project.
No unnecessary and bulky codes.
Fully SEO Optimised for your business.
Completely Secure from external and internal threats.

Why Gardezi Soft-Tech Theme?

While we are still growing as a theme shop, the skills of our developers are unparalleled. Our designs and codes are of the highest standard. Our developers have over 7 years of experience designing WordPress Themes and Plugins. We, here at Gardezi Soft-Tech Theme, understand the value of a good website and strive towards providing our clients with the best user experience.

The Costs Involved

It really depends on the specifications of the project but we can guarantee the highest standard with the best price. For a seasoned developer, the market price for development is $150-200. At Gardezi Soft-Tech Theme, we don’t follow an hourly model. We stick to the fixed price model. We charge for the complete project, not on an hourly basis. Most of the projects range from $250 – $800 but the prices can vary depending upon the user requirements and features.

Ready for your Custom Theme

Just fill out the form and let us know your requirements. We would love to work with you and help you build the website you always wanted.